Friday, June 29, 2007

Embarrassed once again . . .

The Breuer Tower is going to be demolished next spring or summer, according to news reports from the Plain Dealer and WTAM. The Planning Commission chose to buckle to (literally) heavy pressure from above.

We have made our feeling known here at Blog on the City concerning the Tower and we regret the Commission's decision.

Like Mayor Perk's wife declining an invitation to dinner at the White House because it was a bowling league night, Cleveland again looks very much like the unsophisticated bastion it is. Yes, we allowed Jimmy Dimora to demolish a Marcel Breuer building.

Additionally, we share TOI's questions about today's Plain Dealer editorial. Who supplied the paper with all that information? And where did this earthquake concern come from? And here is a good post by Tim Ferris. But let's be clear: Bob Madison is not going to design the building. Kohn Pederson Fox is designing the building. Madison is just collecting a pay check on the job.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone really needs to chill out about this. It's not like we're tearing down Pennsylvania Station. The building is a turd.