Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Various things . . .

After several weeks of vacation time BOTC is back. There is a lot going on lately:

1. Steve Litt starts his own architecture blog at We here at the Cleveland Design City network (TOI, Design Rag, BOTC, Rockitecture, Cleveland Competition) welcome Cleveland's lone print design critic to the fold. We encourage Steve to look beyond built work and seek what is brewing in the "architectural salons" of emerging architects.
2. The Ingenuity Festival hosts an "Architecture Cluster" and exhibits entries in the Breuer Tower competition. See Green City Blue Lake for the entries. See Steve Litt's article on the exhibit here.
3. The long-awaited Akron Art Museum opens. Coop Himmelblau's first American project has received praise from many rags, including the Plain Dealer, Washington Post, and New York Times. The Akron Beacon Journal and its readers remain skeptical and parochial.
4. The Ingenuity Festival begins tomorrow. It will be interesting to see several thousand people tyring to enjoy a festival while dodging orange barrels, construction equipment, and a lot of missing pavement.

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Christopher said...

Actually, far from being parochial, the editorial board of the Beacon Journal has been fairly laudatory with regard to the Art Museum, as has been their arts and culture writer.

There was also a review in the Chicago Tribune and Litt also had a review of the building in the latest Metropolis Magazine (not yet online).