Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hagan calls the kettle black . . .

Ah, Tim Hagan. The Kennedy-fawning, arrogant, "the public-is-too-stupid to understand" political hack revealed his true authoritarian colors with this quote in Steve Litt's article yesterday. Referring to the Cleveland Planning Commission's refusal to allow the demolition of the Breuer Tower, Taxin' Tim said:

"This is beyond anything I've confronted in my political life," Hagan said. "An unelected group dictating to commissioners what kind of building should be built in a city where the mayor and City Council president support it. That's exactly what's wrong with the city."

When beuacracy blocks private development and infrastructures, it is called "the process." When beuacracy blocks an ego-driven, fact-defying, history-destroying, County Commissioner project, it is described as "obstructionism."

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