Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cleveland International Book Fair?

BOTC is an avid CSPAN watcher, especially on the weekends when CSPAN2 goes into Book TV mode. You can always come across an interesting author lecturing about their work.

Many of the lectures or discussions televised usually take place at book fairs around the country, like Miami, Washington DC, Austin, etc. There is no reason that there should not be a similar event here in Clevlend. Imagine an entire week of events tied to reading + text, all arrayed around University Circle in the early fall. The concept is quite compelling.

BOTC endorses the founding of such an event. It's mission melds well with other endeavors that are re-shaping our intellectual brownfield landscapes, like Ingenuity, Design City, etc.

The Dynamism of the Suburbs

There is a lot of criticism concerning the suburbs and their associated strip malls, parking lots, and unfettered avarice. The criticism and ranting gets old, stale, and boring. BOTC is always on the look-out for alternative perspectives of our suburbs, places that seem to be the site of the greatest economic, political, and culutral dynamism, however "ugly."

Please read this Washington Post story about the changing geographies and identities of some Virginia strip malls.