Friday, July 27, 2007

Breuer Ingenuity Ideas Competition

One of the highlights of the Ingenuity Festival was the Breuer Tower Ideas Competition Exhibition. While it was not really a competition since no one won anything, the resulting show exhibiting everything from the sedate + subtle to the absurd + offensive was very enjoyable to peruse.

You can see the entries at various sites and blogs:

@ RealNeo
@ Green City Blue Lake
@ Flickr

Over the past year there have been several local competitions (AIA Cleveland, Cleveland Competition, Ingenuity Breuer) and well as several architectural + urban design exhibitions + related events (Cleveland Public Art's "Influence + Imposition" + MOCA's "What's good for the city is _____") that have stirred the pot a little bit. BOTC hopes that this momentum continues and that the design discourse matures and blossoms. Look for the Cleveland Design City Network to continue pressing the issues, ruffling feathers, and having a little fun with our local design absurdities + entrenched architectural politics.

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