Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Permanent Convention Trip

While the County Commissioners are all hot and bothered about the new Convention Center and Medical Mart deal that will be signed today, several conventions-worth of Cuyahoga County citizens are going, this year alone, on a permanent convention trip, never to come back. See the PD article from this morning.

13,000 people left the county - - -last year!

Cuyahoga County has lost more people (97,887) in the last seven years than any other county in the country, except for Orleans Parish (New Orleans), which we all know was related to Hurricane Katrina.

How and why is this happening? We have some of the country's leading arts and cultural institutions, as well as leading academic institutions. We are located on the world's largest reservoir of fresh water. Etc, Etc.

Although we here at BOTC believe the in the catalytic nature of design, design is not going to save us. We firmly believe that the obstacles to the transformation and emergence of a new Cleveland + Cuyahoga County are located in the inert pyramids of local and state political power. They need to be toppled, obliterated, and rebuilt as more nimble apparatuses that can anticipate the shifts in economies, demographics, and culture. Only after we have re-constructed our decision-making bodies will true non-machine created leadership will emerge that begin to salvage our region.

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