Thursday, February 14, 2008

BOTC Endorsements

We here at Blog on the City have quite an influence upon opinion and critique within Cleveland's architecture + urban design commnity. With influence comes responsibility. So with a sense of deepening civic responsibilty, Blog on the City will be making endorsements in the presidential primaries, select congressional primaries, and maybe some other issues (we have not decided yet).

BOTC will be endorsing candidates who believe that sound, progressive, and responsible design (architecture, landscape, urban design) can aid in the recovery of the city + region and candidates who will fight and advocate for those radical design endeavors.

Daniel Burnham, the great urban designer who created the Group Plan and continued to be active in Cleveland design review committees late into his life, will serve as our intellectual mentor for this endorsement process. Burnham possessed a belief in the American city, a belief in design integrity, and a belief in the transcendant power of radical civic design endeavors. Which candidates would Burnham believe would serve as proper advocates for the transformations that need to occur to improve and sustain Cleveland?

Burham had Tom Johnson. Who do we have, if anyone?

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