Friday, October 19, 2007

Respect your Elders

Last night BOTC, along with Rockitecture and TOI, had the pleasure to engage with a gathering of Cleveland's senior architects, inlcuding the two deans of Cleveland architecture, Peter van Dijk and Richard Fleischman. The reason for the event was the recent installmant of the Cleveland Artists Foundation's lecture series and exhibition examining Cleveland Modernism, hosted by the Beck Center for the Arts.

Although BOTC often takes critical shots at some of our elder architects, we due possess a profound respect for those architects that can get provocative and interesting buildings built in our rather architecturally conservative region. Anyone who walks through the exhibit will get a charge out of the pioneering residential work that exists in our area, especially Don Hisaka's Agnes Gund Residence in Peninsula.

Although BOTC bristles when modernism is discussed merely as a style, we nonetheless are inspired by the courage of these Cleveland Modernists to build according to their beliefs.

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