Monday, August 13, 2007

We're gonna put a Cap in your Ass-embled City

If we are going to spend millions of dollars on re-developing the entire Inner Belt, why not allow for future accommodation of an Inner Belt Cap? The erasure of the infrastructural scar as well as the emergence of a new, reclaimed urbanism would benefit the city and the institutions that compose the near east side. We have nothing else really to add to the essence of the debate.

However, BOTC challenges Steve Litt to get the Plain Dealer to challenge local architects to envision the potential part of the city, similar to what the Toronto Globe + Mail did this past June. The Maschke Plan was really just a pragmatic diagram with little intellectual or engaging content. Further investigation and informed speculation is warranted and needed to spur the dialogue further along.

BOTC believes that this healing scar does not need to be planted with the mythical urbanisms of the past. Rather, this scar should host emergent notions of urbanism and allow for the intellectual endeavors of enhanced + informed urban form.

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