Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Discourse at Prosperity

After MOCA's "What's good for the city" Event, much "discussion" has occurred.

Hence, a local architectural dialogue has commenced that must be sustained.

As a follow up, some of your favorite Cleveland Design City bloggers and associated parties will be gathering at the Prosperity Social Club in Tremont on Wednesday 8 August @ 6PM.

BOTC feels the dialogues need to be tightened-up, focused, and rhetorically lead somewhere in order to engender relevance. A little intellectual autonomy would prove frutiful.

We shall see.

1 comment:

Dru McKeown said...

If you want relevant rhetoric, perhaps I shouldn't show up...

I do like beer though.

Life is fraught with choices. What if I choose poorly? Who pays for my misdeeds? Society?

Although I admit that morbid curiousity would create enough intrigue to see who else would take it upon themselves to vocalize their opinion. I fear that really shouldn't be an issue, instead think of what could happen to the reputation of such a fine drinking establishment if this were to occur. Won't someone please think of the bars?! The veil is lifting!