Friday, June 15, 2007

Breuer Tower Thoughts . . .

UPDATE: The Tower still lives. See this post at RealNeo.

There is some passionate thought out there concerning the Breuer Tower.

But BOTC has another thought.

Why not move Mayor Jackson's "blue light" district totally out of the flats and into the tower? Let's stack and densify sin + skin into the behemoth. You don't need significant floor-to-floor height for stippers. You don't need them for Texas Hold 'Em, slot machines, off track betting, or even dog-fighting and cock-fighting.

Think of it. The county could still keep the building, collect revenue from the sinning citizenry, and be heralded as preservationsist pioneers. The Cleveland Police could have a neighborhood outpost in the building to keep things in check. Hell, the county commissioners could even maintain their own "suite" for their use.

Just a thought.

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