Monday, February 05, 2007

Slackin' pretty hard . . . .

So much for resolutions, of course.

It has been a month since my last post. And this one will be short until time allows for more illuminating discourse.

But there are few things to take of note in the past month:

1. Jimmy Dimora is a scummy politician who, through campaign shakedowns, ultimately controls the design of much of our important civic and social architecture, as well as infrastructure. Again, where is our Mayor Daley?

2. How does corruption alter our built environment? Indictments against local retired architects, construction managers, and contractors hint at the level of shoddy design and construction that hinders our regional architecture + infrastructure.

3. The Cleveland Competition is launched.

4. AIA Cleveland announces winners of its Storefront competition.

5. Steve Litt seems to favor saving two examples of 1970's Brutalsim--and hacks at KPF's blob + crystal design for the County Administration Building.

More commentary as BOTC finds more time to write.


theodore said...

yea, that article on Dimora is pretty sobering stuff. like most things that appear to go on around here, the decision had absolutely nothing to do with it being the correct decision for the county, its employees, and the city, but everything to do with which political connection would benefit the most from it.

Also, I am sure you saw over the weekend that Litt finally stated his 'opinion' on the Trust building along with the plight of Hiska's CSU Student Center. Nice to see he's right on top of things...

I've actually come across a lot of press of Breur buildings that are being thrown down, so at least you know, Cleveland is at the forefront of something...

I think I'm beginning to see why all of you guys can be so bitter at times.

susan said...

Please write more. There is news about the Coast Guard Station, Breuer Tower and the many buildings we will lose to the Innerbelt project. Those who would protect and restore our historic built environment need to be heard, read and our opinions emailed, linked, shouted from rooftops.
Check out GCBL highway section for a list of more paradise that will be razed and paved to put in a gas tax fueled, sprawl inducing high speed raceway by ODOT.