Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Too Negative or Rightfully Critical?

BOTC has been called out for being too negative by Rockitecture, another Cleveland architecture blog via Florence. It seems that we may rough the quarterback up too much. BOTC disagrees.

I would argue that BOTC, Improvised Schema, and Design Rag are not being overly negative. Instead we are critically questioning much of the mediocre design and regressive atmosphere that fosters that design in our region. We are offering informed criticisms of projects that are otherwise praised by major media outlets or institutions that claim to be the intellectual stewards of the city.

The four above mentioned blogs, including Rockitecture, do serve a purpose. Steve Litt, who BOTC believes does fight the good fight by trying to advance architectural dialogue in the collective consciousness, is not educated as an architect, but rather in Art History. The many authors of the previously mentioned blogs are educated as architects and all currently practice. Because of our professional orientation and our training, we can offer something different to the discussion. And that is what we will continue to do.

Knowing several of the authors, BOTC is comfortable asserting that we all believe in strengthening the city though competent and potent design. However, if we see abominations of architecture or urban design being flung upon the masses under the banner of "contextualism" or "populism" or any other false contrivance, we will pounce and criticize. Bad design can inflict more damage on a city that just mere latent negativity.


Anonymous said...

well said.

theodore said...

I left you guys a bit of a challenge on my blog. I am not against criticality as it certainly has its rightful place, as much as I would just like to see things we actually like be discussed once in awhle.

I am very gald to see a little debate going amongst each other though.