Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Plain Dealer + the Huletts

Like it or not, for us in Cleveland, the Plain Dealer sets the rhetorical agenda each day for the rest of the regional media and even for the bloggers. Today is no different.

The PD editors take a stand against the relocation and preservation of the Hulett ore loaders. I agree that wholly re-erecting these behemoths is probably untenable in the sites that decision-makers have suggested. But again, we need to think beyond the normative. Instead of describing where they cannot go, list locations where can they go--whether near or far. How can the pieces be disseminated? Can they be placed in areas away from the lake? What happens if the Huletts are re-erected in a foreign context, like the London Bridge which was re-built in Arizona? Maybe all these questions have been asked, but they have not been thoroughly answered in a public manner

We here at BOTC have our own idea, which is posted below.

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Stan said...

Once again, the Plain Dealer demonstrates that they lack any sort of professionalism by ending their 'editorial' with, "No, no, no." It's all to easy to equate the Plain Dealer editorial with listening to a toddler who is throwing a tantrum.