Monday, June 12, 2006

Bad Public Square! Bad Public Square!


Just because some local architects say they are urban designers, does not mean they actually are urban designers. Rendering yourself as a contextualist does not offer a liscense to cogently design seminal Cleveland urban spaces.

A perfect example is the proposed scheme for a new Public Sqaure presented in the Plain Dealer on Sunday. It is awful, suburban, tacky, and tinged with sugary nostalgia. It is everything that Millenium Park in Chicago is not. The proposed scheme actually makes Cleveland dumber. It pushes Cleveland architectural thinking backwards a decade.

God, deliver us from such flaccid design philosohpies that cripple this region!

Similar sentiments at Improvised Schema.

More later.

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Frank A. Mills said...

A while back I sat in on the review of designs for Public Square produced by the KSU Urban Design Center's senior students. If I am remembering correctly, the designs presented by a certain architect in the PD are in fact essentially the same designs presented by the students sans some of their better ideas.

Could it be that there is a bit of architectual plagarism going on here?

An architectual plagarism sidenote: I find it interesting that many of townhouse designs found in Cleveland (guess who the architect was?) are almost identical to those found in Chicago, and guess what? Built before any plans for townhouses showed up in Cleveland. Could it be that ...?