Sunday, May 07, 2006

Topics for the coming week . . .

1. The efficacy of architectural blogs, in comparison with other genres of blogs, like politcal or cultural blogs.

2. The emergence of so-called "Third Places", which are spaces of leisure and community, just a decade ago thought to have been vanishing. These kinds of quasi-social spaces, like coffee bars in corporate bookstores, are now re-emerging with the advent of WiFi and other technologies. Will the reach of technology and the democratic access to information diminish, alter, or re-invigorate our common spaces?

3. In Cleveland, a Marcel Breuer office tower is threatened with possible demolition. The building holds historical importance since it was designed by a leading Bauhaus architect. Is that enough to save such a stark, black and grey concrete behemoth? If the public did not seem to care about demolishing the great buildings of the pre-modern era, like Mckim Mead & White's Penn Station, will they really care about a second-tier modernist building?

These are a few things that may be discussed this upcoming week.

The first two topics have come to mind since I am reading An Army of Davids by's Glenn Reynolds.

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