Thursday, May 11, 2006

Local Issues mirror National Issues

Two local Cleveland issues concerning the viability of existing urban + architectural fabrics mirror concerns that engage American cities nation-wide.

1. The changing character of Cleveland's Public Square

Cleveland's "Drawing Room" is hardly utilized as a typical commons space anymore. Of course many issues, trends, and demographics, and economies have resulted in the deadening of this once proud public space. David Abbott, executive director of the George Gund Foundation, renders the inherent potential and strategic importance of an altered Public Sqaure.

2. Demolish or Restore + Re-Invigorate Breuer's Ameritrust Building

Suddenly, there is a constituency to maintain and restore Marcel's Tower.


Stan said...

Two things to note.

First on Public Square, this is a dialogue on Green City Blue Lake in regards to redesigning as how the city uses it has changed since the Burnham plan.

Second, while there are those who are discussing that the Breuer building should be saved, we are still left with a banal report by the PD architecture reporter. PD's Litt doesn't take a stance on the matter, just as he didn't in his initial report on Sunday. Once again, Litt disappoints.

bradley said...

The question surrounding Breur's Ameritrust building reminds me of the beloved (and loathed) Lollypop Building at 2 Columbus Circle - however, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of discussion within the community or even a confident stand from the city's architecture critic... yet. Whether significant or not, we won't hear discussion until it is razed by consensus of indifference.