Monday, May 22, 2006

IM Pei knows the Code!

In case you did not see The Da Vinci Code this weekend, let it be known that IM Pei is complicit in the "sacred feminine" conspiracy.

I would like to see Pei's section drawing though the Louvre.

Keynote #20: Remains of Mary Magdelene


guv said...

i really love the idea of the sacred feminine.

so, i'm going to nominate two more men that i believe are pushing this idea to be embraced by mass culture

the early work of eco-author ernest callenbach called ecotopia in which northern california, oregon, and washinton succede from the USA to form an independent nation based on ecological "Mother Earth" principles. The nation is ruled by womyn.

the relatively recent work of eco-animator hayao miyazaki; both nausicaa of the valley of the wind and princess mononoke portray female heroes who engender far more cooperation than any male hero to date.

thanks for the post myn!

Anonymous said...

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