Monday, April 10, 2006

Welcome to New Readers . . . .

I see that "Blog on the City" has been link-listed at "Daily Dose of Architecture," and because of that, we have more traffic and new readers today.

We apologize for the Cleveland-centric discusison on the blog currently--the Cleveland architectural community is experiencing an intellectual crisis. Some high-profile commsisions and shortlists are being assigned to firms like Office dA, FOA, Michael Maltzan, etc., and local architects are asking "why?"

Well, the answer resides in the fact that there is no real "critical" discourse in the region, due to many of factors. The high profile project clients were looking for cutting edge design and young emergent practices. While the city hosts very competent and professional firms, Cleveland does not host the kind of practices that engender new paradigms of design. So you will see below "Calls for Discourse" and the dicussion of the development of "Schools" of architectural thought.

Hopefully in the future you will see more broad essays and speculations about various facets of architecture and urbanism. My partners need to cough up some interesting stuff that I know they possess.

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