Friday, April 21, 2006

Peter Parker . . . Call your office

Well, Spiderman 3 is being filmed 20 stories below me on Euclid Avenue, or is that SoHo?

For the past few days Euclid Avenue has been stripped of its Cleveland-ness--street signs and RTA signs have been dismantled. New York City yellow cabs are now being positioned and driven down city streets and New York style propaganda is filling the vacant storefronts.

If the city goes through all this trouble to make Cleveland look like New York, I assume they could spend the same amount of energy sprucing up the place when the film crews leave our fair city.

But I doubt it.

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christopher said...

the movie industry could be a great economy for a place like cleveland. Just look what toronto has leveraged it into. Dont knock it until you can measure the returns...