Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kent State investing in urbanity . . .

Good news from Steven Fong, the new Dean of Kent State's College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

Fong is looking to bring the entire CAED graduate program up to Cleveland.The city of Cleveland has lacked such a nexus of architectural and urban design dialogue since Case shut down its architectural program in the 1970's.

Case should also think about re-starting their program--the university already possesses world-class medical , law, and business schools. A graduate level program, more theoretical and research based, would compliment the very professional Kent State program. Given Case's academic credentials, the school could recruit a very capable leadership and faculty, very much akin to its Ivy League brethren.

Congrats to KSU for investing in the city and the elevation of architectural discourse Downtown.


Stan said...

The other positive about that article is that Fong is trying to assist Cleveland with their stalled lakefront plan.

It looks like Fong and Kent have a vested interest in the City of Cleveland.

Your Editor said...

Good to see that somebody is keeping the lakefront development issue alive. Cleveland can not reach its potential until it accesses its greatest natural asset: the lake.