Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another Washington monument . . . or not?

Anthony Williams, Mayor of Washington, D.C. has unveiled the stadium design for the Washington Nationals. I guess the days of HOK's paradigm-changing baseball stadiums (Camben Yards in Baltimore + Jacobs Field in Cleveland) are over. Read the Washington Post's critique.

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Mod said...

You might have seen this formula in action for HOK stadium/arena 21, 34, 09, 18....HOK collects their giant paycheck for pumping out another banality at the specific request of munipalities pining for THEIR verion of ye-ole-glory-days-cracker-jack-skybox-corporate-ballpark.

I think they've done something like 37 of the last 41 stadiums/arenas in the US?

Arena 37 was a face-off between Frank Gehry and HOK for the Sprint Arena in Downtown Kansas City. Rather than embracing the opportunity to boast Gehry's ONLY sports arena, KC will soon have an HOK gem shouldering the revitalization of their downtown.

You might have seen the Gehry formula at work drawing millions of visitors in Chicago, LA, Seattle, Bilbao, etc, - no matter, HOK's winning KC renderings were rubbings of the Herzog and De Meuron Allianz Arena in Munich. I'm sure it will hold up in the detailing.